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Офшорные платформы

Korean Офшорные платформы suppliers and Офшорные платформы products

Акционерное общество 1994

Dongbang Ship Machinery

Manufacturer of steel pipe spool and FRAMO Piple for shipbuilding and offshore plant
Акционерное общество 1998

Hyundai Samho

Shipbuilding Industry, Material handling facility, marine industrial business and ship products
Акционерное общество 1980


Manufacturer of Offshore Plant structure and ship building, Deck house, Engine Room Casing, Funnel, Hull Block
Акционерное общество 1974

Samsung Heavy Industries

Shipbuilding and offshore plant, LNG Carrier, FLNG, FPOS, Floating offshore structure
Средние предприятие 1980


Heat exchanger manufacturer, Engine, Field, Vessel Heat exchanger and Power station equipment and ETC
Средние предприятие 2002


Compressor manufacturer, Air compressor, Vessel compressor and more
Средние предприятие 1988


Shipbuilding apparatus part and Air handling unit manufacturer, Fan, Air conditioner system, Fan ystem and more
Малые и средние предприятия 2005


Marine and offshore module manufacturer, pipe module, module unit, ship block, offshore plant and plant structure
Малые и средние предприятия 2010


Offshore Facility Engineering and Fabrication, Modular refinery, Flushing and Chemical Cleaning
Малые и средние предприятия 1995

Changwon Engineering

Ship equipment manufacturer, tank, pipe, coil, duct, and module unit
Малые и средние предприятия 2018


Ship and Vessel apparatus manufacturer, Piping products and structure about LNG Ship
Малые и средние предприятия 2006


Cooling tower manufacturer, Industrial refrigeration equipment
Малые и средние предприятия 1999


Industrial, Marine steel structures, various types of crane
Малые и средние предприятия 1994


Multi core tube manufacturer, ship building, offshore plant, petrol chemical, power generation and more
Малые и средние предприятия 1996

Daewon Industry

Manufacturer of Steel outfit of Shipbuilding & Marine, lashing bridge, platform, handrail, ladder and more
Малые и средние предприятия 1957

DaiHan Anchor Chain Mfg

Anchor chain, Molding chain, Shackles and more
Малые и средние предприятия 2007

EK Heavy Industries

Specialized in industrial plant, heavy industry, shipbuilding and offshore plant, power plant, steel structure and more
Малые и средние предприятия 1976


Marine Engine Cylinder cover manufacturer, High Purity Master Alloy product, titanium alloy, nickel alloy and plant equipment
Малые и средние предприятия 1997


Bolt and Nut manufacturer, stud bolt, hex bolt, hexagon bolt, insulation pin, U-bolt, Double end bolt, bolt cap, washer
Малые и средние предприятия 2010


LNG Engineering and Equipment, LNG Fuel Gas System, Bunkering Unit, Storage tank, HP Pump and more
Малые и средние предприятия 2001

KSG Technology Environment

Air pollution prevention facility manufacturer, RTO system, Environmental plant, Painting booth, Drying system, Industrial plant and more
Малые и средние предприятия 1996


Shipbuilding apparatus, Plant, Environmental industry, Steel outfit, Pipe material, Heating coil, Air bent head, Heater
Малые и средние предприятия 2004

Kyung Sung Industrty

Ship Building Parts and Engine Parts Manufacturer
Малые и средние предприятия 2002


Specialized in Automation engineering service for shipbuilding and power plant
Малые и средние предприятия 1998


Vessel apparatus manufacturer, Sterilizer, Water treatment, Filter, Ballast water tank, PE coating, Pressure tank, Hot water heater
Малые и средние предприятия 1987


Special transformer manufacturer, Transformer, Sensor, Reactor and more
Малые и средние предприятия 2008

Samwoo Heavy Industries

Ship parts and On/Off shore products manufacturer
Малые и средние предприятия 1996


Vessel engine pipe and Engine fuel supply device manufacturer
Малые и средние предприятия 1990

Shinhan Heavy Industry

Deck House Manufacturer, Living quarter, topside module and offshore plant module
Малые и средние предприятия 2012


Vessel engine and Automotive engine parts, High frequency bending machine and Industrial parts manufacturer