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Industrial and Marine monitor manufacturer, TFT LCD Monitor
Акционерное общество
Samyung ENC
Marine communication equipment manufacturer, Shipbuilding electronic navigation communication, AIS, GMDSS, GPS floater and more
Distribution system manufacturer in onshore and maritime, MCC, Main switch board, emergency switch board, distribution board and more
Multi core tube manufacturer, ship building, offshore plant, petrol chemical, power generation and more
Dong Bang Marine
Marine fire detection and alarm facility, fire extinguishing facility and equipment, ship gas detection facility and more
Switch Gear Manufacturer, Explosion proof product, multi cable transit and more
Daeyang Instrument
Manufacturer of anemometer, anemoscope, rudder angle indicator, sensor, weather surveillance system
Акционерное общество
Lighting manufacturer for ship, offshore and industrial plant, system integration and marine sensor
Monitoring equipment manufacturer of Medium and Large size diesel engine and power facility
Ls Cable & System
Industrial special cable and Industrial material manufacturer, Underwater cable, Superconducting cable, Ultra high pressure cable, Communication cable and more
Electrical equipment for ship manufacturer, Switchboard, Thruster and more
KukDong Elecom
Vessel lighting manufacturer, Explosion light, Flood light, Freezing container socket and more
Hanshin Electronics
Communication equipment manufacturer for Marine, Aviation and navigation
Shipbuilding apparatus and Marine & Filed plant manufacturer, Cable tray, MCT, band hoop, Off shore-LNGC fitting, Naval equipment and more
BI Industrial
Gas Detection system manufacturer, fire detection, water detection, smoke indicator, bridge watch alarm and more
Средние предприятие
Industrial cable manufacturer, Vessel cable, Marine cable, Optical communication cable, Cable for nuclear plant, Portable cable and more
Средние предприятие
Seoul Electric Wire
Electric wire and Cable manufacturer, Electric wire for Vessel / Firefighting, Special cable
Special transformer manufacturer, Transformer, Sensor, Reactor and more