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About Supplier

As a maker to produce a Magnetic separator, Lifting, Magnet and Magnetic applications, Daesung Magnetic has been made it's whole ffort on R&D continually from it's establishment to keep same face with the development of highly growing heavy industry area considering efficient use of human resource and work effectiveness as inevitable mission of the times.

Especially, superior quality of Daesung Magnetic is acknowledged by about 200companies including shipbuilding and steel companies. Daesung Magnetic will contribute the supply of more superior magnetic application to the customer by increasing quality with more and more strict quality control without any conceit. Daesung Magnetic hopes the prosperity of your business and asks unchanging encouragement and support. The whole Daesung Magnetic employees.

Product List
Electro-Lifting Magnet
Auto ON/OFF Lifting Magnet
Manual Lever-type Lifting Magnet
Electro-Permanent Lifting Magnet
Battery type Lifting Magnet
Magnetic Chuck
Magnetic Press
Magnetic Separators
Magnetic Tools