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Woori Marine
Marine navigation equipment manufacturer, Beacon, Floating light, Bridge light, Light house, Marine safety facility
Carbon Sheet Manufacturer, LNG thermal insulation panel sandwich panel and electronic substrates
PNK Engineering
Materials suppliers in shipbuilding industry and Engineering Company
Dongsung Finetec
Poly urethane system, Low temperature cold insulator, Metal panel, Emergency equipment, Refrigerant
Samsung Industry
Sealing manufacturer, Pump sealing, Valve sealing, Metal gasket sealing, Packing sealing, Sealant and more
Sanglim Precision
Vessel engine parts manufacturer, Piston rod, Cross head pin, Large precision processing and more
Korea Lost Wax
Precision casting manufacturer, Air craft, Vessel parts manufacturing, Automobile, Developing unit products and more
Ship engine valve spindle and Special welding company, Seat ring, Forged products,
Flange manufacturer, Heat exchanger parts, Apparatus related Shipbuilding, Pipe joint, Piping material
Daedong Metal Industry
Bearing manufacturer, Vessel bearing, Bearing for power plant, White metal bearing and more
Large CNC lathe, Wide use lathe, Shipbuilding apparatus, Wind power generation, Industrial machine and Shaft processor
World Ace Tech Corp.
Large machine processor and manufacturer, Vessel engine, Press, Generation, Steel facility
Youngchang Tech
Shipbuilding, Pressure vessel, Chemical equipment, Marine plant, Petro chemical, Wind power, Desalination facility, Nuclear power business, Flange, Forging
Younghae Engineering
Vessel engine gas receiver manufacturer
Tae Sang
Free forging, petrol chemical plant, ship building, marine engine, power plant, industrial facility and aerospace parts
SamYoung Heavy Industries
Plant and Shipbuilding apparatus, Vessel engine parts and more
Samjung Superalloys
Machine Parts, Pump, Valve, Defense equipment parts, nuclear and power plant parts
Synthetic Fiber Rope Manufacturer, Mooring Hawser, Mooring Tail, Winch Line, Towing Line, Steel Wire Rope, Wire Sling