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Deck Machinery

Korean Deck Machinery suppliers and Deck Machinery products


Sangsangin Industry

Marine Crane Manufacturer, Deck Crane, Offshore Crane, Deck Equipment and more
MME 2000


Hydraulic machine manufacturer, Pump, Motor, Valve, Steering gear
SME 2012

3S (Service Speed Smile)

Tray manufacturer, aluminum tray, diet tray, cable tray
SME 1988


Shipping materials manufacturer, Deck machinery, Vessel Apparatus, Windlass, Winch, Steering gear, Crane and more
SME 1973

DONG-A Precision

Water and sewage valve and Water gate manufacturer, Dust separator, Water treatment equipment and more
SME 1957

DaiHan Anchor Chain Mfg

Anchor chain, Molding chain, Shackles and more
SME 1997


Power Drum manufacturer, net haulers of 2 stage, 3 stage and 4 stage
SME 2004


Hydraulic Motor Manufacturer, Control Valve and Logic Valve
SME 1993


Mooring equipment, Retrieving hardware, Deck equipment and Wire rope fitting manufacturer
SME 2013


Truck loading arm, Loading arm and Swivel joint manufacturer
SME 2002

Kyungbu Industry

Shipbuilding apparatus manufacturer, Shackle, Turn buckle, Accessories and more
SME 2006


Hatch Covers and special vessel parts in marine engineering
SME 2006

MIRAE Industries

Marine equipment manufacturer, Expansion joint, Ejector, Strainer, Sight glass, Air bent and more
SME 2008

SamYoung Heavy Industries

Plant and Shipbuilding apparatus, Vessel engine parts and more
SME 1999

Shinmyung Tech

Air motor, F.O hose handling davit, Pump davit, Suez canal search light davit and more
SME 1993

YOOWON Industries

Filter, Various deck equipment, Lubricant feeding equipment for generation facility
SME 2006

Yoo Won M-Tech

Ship machine and Steering gear manufacturer, Windlass, Anchor, Mooring winch, Capstan, Jib crane