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Акционерное общество 1999

Marine Engine part manufacturer, cylinder cover, cylinder cover module, Cylinder frame, Cam Shaft Frame, Frame box and more
Акционерное общество 1983


Ship Engine parts manufacturer, Cylinder liner
Акционерное общество 1955


Forging parts for Automobile and Heavy equipment manufacturer, Track chain, Roller and more
Акционерное общество 1952


Steel Casting products manufacturer, parts for marine engine, machinery, power plant, offshore plant and cryogenic valve
Акционерное общество 1988


Lighting manufacturer for ship, offshore and industrial plant, system integration and marine sensor
Акционерное общество 1991


Ship Building and Marine Fittings and Valve Manufacturer, Tube and Hose
Акционерное общество 1994

Dongbang Ship Machinery

Manufacturer of steel pipe spool and FRAMO Piple for shipbuilding and offshore plant
Акционерное общество 1985

Dongsung Finetec

Poly urethane system, Low temperature cold insulator, Metal panel, Emergency equipment, Refrigerant
Акционерное общество 1987


TBM business, Energy/Environmental business, Defense/Aviation, Machining tool business and more
Акционерное общество 2007


Inverted angle steel, unequal angle steel, angle channel and i-beam
Акционерное общество 2007

HANJIN Heavy Industries

Ship Building and heavy Industries, container carrier, tanker, gas carrier, bulker, special ships and naval ships
Акционерное общество 1984


Carbon Sheet Manufacturer, LNG thermal insulation panel sandwich panel and electronic substrates
Акционерное общество 1995


Level gauge and instrument manufacturer, shipbuilding and offshore plant equipment, LED and more
Акционерное общество 1985


Boat and ship manufacturer, FRP Ship, lifeboat, engine, hook, special ship
Акционерное общество 1999

HSD Engine

Manufacturer of marine diesel engine, industrial engine, engine part and more
Акционерное общество 1977


Fluid and control system manufacturer, fittings, valve and package solution
Акционерное общество 1998

Hyundai Samho

Shipbuilding Industry, Material handling facility, marine industrial business and ship products
Акционерное общество 1978

Hyunjin Materials

Metal materials forging for shipbuilding engine, wind power, petrochemical, and onshore and offshore plant
Акционерное общество 1991


Ship engine valve spindle and Special welding company, Seat ring, Forged products,
Акционерное общество 1984


Marine Fire extinguishing system and ballast water treatment manufacturer, offshore plant, heavy industry
Акционерное общество 1980


Manufacturer of Offshore Plant structure and ship building, Deck house, Engine Room Casing, Funnel, Hull Block
Акционерное общество 1979


Heat exchanger manufactuer, Waste Heat Recovery Device for Power Station, Condenser and more
Акционерное общество 1996

SamKang M&T

Manufacturer of shipbuilding equipment, offshore plant equipment and tubular, Casing, HAWSE, Megablock, bulbous, T-BHD and more
Акционерное общество 1974

Samsung Heavy Industries

Shipbuilding and offshore plant, LNG Carrier, FLNG, FPOS, Floating offshore structure
Акционерное общество 1997

Samyoung M-TEK

Manufacturer of Structural materials in combustion engine, industrial machine and more
Акционерное общество 1995

Samyung ENC

Marine communication equipment manufacturer, Shipbuilding electronic navigation communication, AIS, GMDSS, GPS floater and more
Акционерное общество 2004

Sangsangin Industry

Marine Crane Manufacturer, Deck Crane, Offshore Crane, Deck Equipment and more
Акционерное общество 1999

Sejin Heavy Industries

Vessel block, Processing, Manufacturing, Components for large ships and more
Акционерное общество 1989

Total Soft Bank

Specialized in marine terminal, port network control system, simulator and more
Акционерное общество 2000


A manufacturer, movable top class satellite tracking antennas