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C-PBD (Cylindrical PBD)

Vertical drain



C-PBD / Cylindrical PBD


C-PBD is a product that can maintain stable drainage quality in the long term by improving the reduced drainage problem of existing products which can be caused by the filter being pushed into the core as a result of surcharge pressure.

Shape and Type


Drainage performance is reduced as the filter is pushed inside by pressure, causing the water passage to diminish in size. C-PBD repeatedly forms cylindrical drain and cross core to maintain the size of water passageway despite high pressure, for the maintenance of stable drainage.


2.3-3.2 times greater drainage when compared to other products

- Straight : 3.2 times more than harmonica shaped PBD

- Curved : 2.3 times greater than harmonica shaped PBD

Overcoming the dependence on filter

- Cylindrical PBD shows high drainage even when low durability felt is used [86>25(based on domestic quality standards)]

- Ribbed PBD shows 94% decrease in drainage when low durability felt is used.

Prevention of drainage canal clogging

Better comparative drainage with higher depth

Possible to maintain initial drainage performance for long periods of time

Delft test method, Pressure 500kPa, 4 Weeks

Vertical drain
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