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Kokaco Co., Ltd. developed Exhaust valve grinding machines and exported those to Japan at the first time, in 1989. Since then, Kokaco Co., Ltd. has been pursuing the best quality only on thefield of recondition and repairing EXHAUST Valve Spindle & Bottom Piece Grinding Machine.

In keeping with this trend, Kokaco Co., Ltd. is devoting itself for development of its technology and speciality in repair and making core parts.

Especially, Kokaco Co., Ltd. is recognized as the specialized company in the field of recondition and repair the parts about engine valve nozzle-the most important part to improve ship engine efficiency- from Korea National Railroad, domestic and foreign large shipping companies, on the basis of its long experience and the accumulation of technique.

기업 정보
기업 형태 중소기업
설립 일자 1988년 12월 27일
인증 정보
거래 고객
기업 연락처
부산광역시 영도구 해양로 256 (동삼동)