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DW FLOW Contech Co., Ltd is handling with MOV, HOV, POV, SIPOS, Haselhofer and EMME TECHNOLOGY S.r.l. (Max-air) actuators.

These actuators are used in the most advanced fields, such as nuclear, geothermal and conventional power units, offshore or onshore oil and gas, water & sewerage, chemical industries and refineries. Also, the products meet the highest requirements regarding safety, functionality, robustness and environmental protection. This ensures a significant level of availability and reliability of the customers' components or installations. DW FLOW Contech Co., Ltd is constantly providing the best products & service based on technical know-how, skills, experiences and capability of parent company.

1993년 7월 26일
서울특별시 금천구 디지털로9길 68 (가산동) 대륭포스트타워5차 1401~1405
ISO14001 ISO9001 OHSAS18001 AUMA
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