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The correct selection of suitable media is highly necessary for accomplishing coalescing and separation performances most efficiently. Key factors relating to the selection of media include viscosity, acidity, and operating temperature of the products which pass through the coalescer body, and differentials between the two immiscible liquids in specific gravity and interface tension. For example, high temperature resisting media must be used for high temperature liquids and anti-acid media, for high acidity liquids.

Depending on customers' requirements and applications, we can also design and build repack type horizontal coalescer / filters using such media as wool, glass fibers, carbon steel wool, and stainless steel wool.

We have been also supplying filter separators to oil refineries, shipping facilities of oil tank plants, aircraft refueling facilities of civil aviation airports and jet fuel refueling facilities of military airbases, for the elimination (separation) of solid contaminant and water (mist particulates) contained in gas oil, kerosene, gasoline, liquefied propane gas and jet fuel. Filter-separators for jet fuel in particular are required of high performance by stringent standards/regulations in order to meet particular needs of oil refineries, airlines, fuel storage companies and military application, and we have been supplying such products in strict conformity to provisions set forth in API-158l requirements and MIL 8901-D over many years, our filler-separators are also being used by thermal power stations, turbine engines for ships, diesel engine fuel, etc. for the water separation.


A lumber of hours and a vast space are required of the separation of free water and emulsion liquids by means of stabilization and precipitation in the oil refining process or the extraction process for solvents in the petrochemical industry. In such a case, use of coalescer filer will allow an easy separation of such substances.Should even a higher performance be required, particular measures will be necessary for each process, taking account of physical characteristics of two liquids to be separated, operating conditions, etc. We developed unique coalescer filters to meet individual requirements of various processes, that expanded the application range of coalescer filters, based on our experience and expertise accumulated over years.

At the present, our products are used extensively as a type of devices to a How the recovery of the oil (hydrocarbon) from process waters such as cooling water. Coalescer filters to recover the oil of solvents from the quenching water for the ethylene manufacturing equipment in chemical compleses, since our products will result not reduction of the maintenance cost.