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Manual Filter
Product Description

F.O. (KOF), L.O. (KOL) Manual filter

This is a manual backwashing type filter provided with two sets of notch wire element tube, and at present most widely used in every field, proving its unique and high performance.

“One touch handle" operated by cock mechanism which was specially designed and developed by our company has made blow-off cleaning and disassembling cleaning extremely easy.

As various models of filters are prepared according to various requirements, they can meet the demands of various industrial fields.



Having a rugged shape fabricated by specially treated fine stainless wire, the simple structure of N.W.E  is free from troubles and damages.

Furthermore, the company has many experiences in manufacturing filtrating elements made of special wires like monel metal, titanium wire, etc.

Operation Characteristics

The characteristic of easily removing the foreign materials adhered to the element with backwashing cleaning or air blowing is most suitable for the automated filtrating apparatus.

Filtrating Accuracy

The dimension of filtrating passage is very accurately fabricated; accordingly, the filtrating characteristics are extremely accurate.


Since the element is unsusceptible to corrosion and quality change, and serviceable almost permanently, it is unnecessary to replace the element. 


The filtration of fual oil, lubrication oil, chemical liquid, gas, industrial drainage, liquid used for automic energy equipments, etc.

Size of notch wire

Model numberHeight of Notch (μ)Converted mesh number
# 010-
# 0.515-
# 125-
# 1.535400
# 1.742350
# 250280
# 2.462250
# 375200
# 4100150
# 5125120
# 6150100
# 717580
# 82060
# 1435040
# 2050032
# 40100016