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Steering Gear
Product Description


SFC-Type, DFC-Type, Electro-Hydraulic steering gears
The steering gears of SFC-type and DFC-type satisfy IMO regulations. they allow the source of any failure in pipers or a power unit to be easily isolated, so that steering capability can be rapidly regained.
This rudder actuator is the ram-cylinder type, and the constant delivery  hydraulic pumps are fitted in it. A single loop direct control system with solenoid valves ensures the superior responsiveness, and energy savings as well. An optional auto. isolation! system is available for vessels such as oil tankers.

1. High Reliability and Durability
The actuator of ram cylinder type and the constant delivery pump of simply designed vane type are capable of standing high pressure, and will be prove to be exceptionally durable.

2. Excellent Response
The solenoid valve control system enables the steering gear to respond more quickly to the steering command from steering stand than the mechanical link system hitherto employed, especially in the fine rudder angle.

3. Substantial Economic Advantage
The use of direct control system with solenoid valves eliminates the necessity for such equipment as an auto-pilot power unit or hunting lever. The rudder limiter system satisfies IACS regulations. A timer relay (builder's furnish) may be installed in the starter motor circuit for a easy no-load start-up

4. Simple Design and Compact Configuration
All hydraulic equipment is installed on the oil tank, and the external piping system has minimized for a simple and compact configuration.

5. Greater Freedom of Arrangment and Ease of Outfitting
It is devoid of the auto-pilot receiver and mechanical link hitherto to be required, in this system, the arrangement of pump units can made with a greater degree of freedom, besides the ease of outfitting on board.

6. Ease of Control in Emergency Steering
Emergency steering can be performed easily by the manual operation of solenoid controlled valve using attached posh pins.

7. Complete Dual Control System
The complete control system is demanded from the rule of ABS and other classification societies to be satisfied the limit of specification for the standard design.

8. Easy Maintenance
A number of constructed parts to be produced are simple and the oil pump as a cartridge-type is used in this system. These mean the ease maintenance.


Specifications & Dimensions

Note : The above list is complied for the turning angle of rudder, ±35 deg, and the electric source of 60Hz. This steering gear have special particulars by the high workmanship design Without Stand-by pump.