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Pressure Level Transmitter
Level & Sensor
Product Description


This is a 2-wire 4-20mA level transmitter consisting of a transducer and an amplifier connected via a 6-core vented cable.

The transducer is a pressure sensitive silicon micro strain gauge sensor mounted in a glass to metal seal. The sensor is protected by an isolation diaphragm, electron beam welded to the transducer housing, with an oil filling between the sensor and the diaphragm. Pressure changes in the front of the diaphragm will bring a resistance change in the Wheatstone bridge of the transducer. Wheatstone bridge will be transmitter to the amplifier as a change in the electrical signal.
Technical specification  

 Model: PL-100 Series
 Pressure Range : 1…40Meters
 Output : 4…20mA DC, Loop powered 2-wire system
 Accuracy :±0.25% F.S at 20°C
 Over pressure : Working pressure x 3time
 Operating temp. : - Transducer : -20 ~ +125°C
 Operating temp. : - Amplifier: -20 ~ +80 °C
 Material: - Transducer : Stainless steel 316L
 Material: - Amplifier box : ADC
 Material: - Sensor cable : Poly urethane cable
 Protection: - Transducer : IP68 
 Protection: - Amplifier box : IP56
 Safety : Intrinsic safety EEx ia llc T6