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Together with Hyunjin Materials established in 1978, SUNWOO CS started in 2007 as a professional company specializing in the manufacturing of Solid type Crankshaft for 4-storke engines has been growing continuously since took a step in Chilseo Provincial Industrial Complex, Haman in 2008.

Crankshaft as a core component in operating engines is a product requiring the durability of high strength, it is challenging to acheive the quality required by customer in all complicated and difficult processes from the process for the forging to the production of the finished products through machining.

Therefore, we can say that with high technology and our experienced skill possessed by SUNWOO CS today is the result achieved through consistent innovation on the base of "the Best" to be the World Best with together of entire employees.

Immovable Global Super First-Class Company, Global Leading Company

What just makes us overcome all adversities is our consistent dreams and ideal.

All employees of SUNWOO CS develop professional man of ability through corporate culture with harmony and love, and change this ambitious target to the reality consistently through a positive mind and aggressive action at any moment, and self-development, The award of U$5 million Export Tower and the selection as Venture Company and Inno-Biz Company are the precious fruit that this culture of SUNWOO CS only has achieved within a short period.

Specialized Equipments for the production of Crankshaft and the differentiated machining technology are evaluated as the optimal conditions supporting the self-confidence and the possibility of future growth of SUNWOO CS which will build One-Stop Service of whole processes from the production to the delivery and make customer satisfied on the base of "Stable Securement of Materials and the supply to Global Engine Makers.

In the near future, SUNWOO CS will become a Global Leading Company with the mind of opportunity, challenge and passion based on Customer No. 1 principle and Quality No. 1 principle.


Aug. 1, 2007
38, Gongdandong 1-gil, Chilseo-myeon, Haman-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea
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