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Sonar Tech Representative Products

The Seaeye Falcon and Falcon DR are the choice of many leading operators for capability, versatility and the ability to get the job done.
Lightweight and portable they go where they’re needed - inshore, offshore, down tunnels or for flyaway operations.

Available with a choice of options, tools and accessories, Seaeye Falcons make an ideal platform 
for achieving numerous intricate and demanding subsea applications.


 · 300 m (1,000 ft) depth rating, 8.5 kg (19 lbs) payload 
 · Max 450 m umbilical length upgradeable to 1100 m length with F2 Fibre Optic Pack upgrade 
 · Magnetically coupled brushless DC thrusters with velocity feedback - 4 vectored and 1 vertical 
 · 50 kgf (110 lbs) of thrust with 1:1 power to weight ratio, without additional payload 
 · Distributed intelligence control system 
 · High resolution colour camera on 180º tilt platform 
 · Variable intensity 150 Watts of lighting 
 · Auto heading and depth 
 · Single phase 100-270 VAC universal auto sensing power input at 2.8 kW.


 · 1000 m depth rating 
 · Max 1100 m umbilical length with 14 mm diameter umbilical - longer options available 
 · Tilting variable intensity lights linked to camera tilt mechanism 
 · F2 fibre optic data and video transmission system. 

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SEAEYE PANTHER PLUS is a light weight work class ROV & an evolution of the Seaeye Panther to provide greater power, payload & interface options.

 Forward thrust has been doubled to an impressive 220 kg and lateral thrust increased from 85 kg to 170 kg with a relatively small increase of
 the vehicle's in air weight to 500 kg.

 Payload has been increased to 105 kg.

 These improved performance figures translate into handling characteristics that pilots report as being 'simply spectacular' . A distinguishing feature is
 the additional 4 vectored SM5 brushless DC thrusters making a total of 8 vectored thrusters in pairs. The ROV frame has been slightly enlarged to
 accommodate these thrusters, improve through frame water flow and provide space for a 12 function hydraulic valve pack for tooling and 
manipulator applications. 
 Typical applications include drill support and survey operations, for which the vehicle is fully interfaced.


 · Max operating depth: 1000 metres
 · 220 kg forward thrust (bollard pull)
 · 170 kg lateral thrust
 · Weighing only 500 kg in air
 · 105 kg payload
 · 10 brushless DC thrusters with velocity feedback for superior control 
 · Thruster power supplies split into 2 separate channels for redundancy
 · Auto heading and depth with auto altitude option
 · Two hydraulic manipulator interfaces
 · 12 function hydraulic solenoid valve pack
 · Seaeye high torque pan and tilt unit
 · Dual channel variable intensity, individually fused, 600 watts of lighting
 · Interface for survey sensors 
 · 4 simultaneous video channels
 · Integral video overlay system  

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Sonotronics' equipment markers consist of higher powered transmitters placed in heavier packaging with 3/16" mounting holes.

 The EMT transmitters are a set of standard models packaged and configured for equipment marking applications. There are many other options 
 available that can be used for equipment marking, including any of the pingers designated for fisheries. Sonotronics in house machine shop is 
 capable of custom packaging options.

 The EMT series transmitters come standard with flat ends and 3/16" mounting holes on each end. Other custom packaging options are possible.

Equipment Markers
 Range 1-4km+

ModelLengthDiameterWeightRangeDepth RatingLifetime
EMT-01-199mm19mm39gUp to 1km2.5km*48 months
EMT-01-299mm19mm39gUp to 3km2.5km*18 months
EMT-01-3210mm32mm223gUp to 4km1km6 months



 *EMT-01-1 and EMT-01-2: Recommended maximum depth rating: 2500m. Transmitters have been tested successfully to 5000m depth.

 The EMT-01-3 has user replaceable batteries. There are several battery combinations of lifetime and power output available. Please refer to the EMT data sheet for more information.


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The The MANTRAK kit contains:

 · USR-96 Receiver
 · DH-4 Directional Hydrophone
 · Waterproof Pelican Case
 · External Speaker and Cable
 · Professional-grade Headphones
 · Extra Battery Pack
 · Test Tag
 · Marine Battery Cable 

MANTRAK kit was designed to bring together the most common tools our customers have found to be valuable for manual tracking. 
 The kit has become the most frequent package used by first time researchers. 

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Low Visibility Equipment Relocation

 Sonotronics, Inc. offers an Under Water Diver Receiver that allows a diver to approach an object or animal marked with an ultrasonic pinger*. 
 The UDR can achieve ranges exceeding 1km, while still allowing relocation in zero visibility. The UDR comes with waterproof headphones and has 
 variable gain control to maintain good signal strength and directionality during approach of the target, as well as volume control
 and a backlit display. The UDR is user programmable for frequency and gain ranges.

 *The UDR has been used in field research for locating pingers manufactured by SONOTRONICS as well as others

The The MANTRAK kit contains:

 · Length: (From Display to outer rim) 16cm
 · Width: (At outer rim) 11cm
 · Height: (Bottom of Handle to top of unit) 20cm
 · Weight (Air): UDR: 900g, Headphones: 415g
 · Sensitivity: 20uV, (S+N)/N = 30dB 
 · Frequencies: 30 to 90 kHz
 · Controls: Gain control, volume control, frequency control. User can preprogram the unit before the dive for a variety of applications.
 · Autonomy: 8 hour battery life on fresh recharge