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Living Quarter
Product Description

With a successful start in building marine hotels, we plan on significantly expanding this profitable business venture.

Living quarters are four- to six-floor offshore structures that are planted on top of offshore facilities. They often contain a helipad, a water purifying system, a power generator, heaters, ventilators, air circulators, switchgears, communications devices, a main control room, experimental equipment, as well as resident and working areas for the crew, which can sometimes number more than 200 people at a time, on an offshore crude oil drilling facility. This kind of structure is dubbed a 
“marine hotel” because it also has sports facilities and a clinic for the crew. 

As they remain in a single place near offshore oil fields for approximately 25 to 30 years, repairs and maintenance work on these structures is another challenge. Thus, the most important quality to do with living quarters is strength and durability. Although living quarters employ similar building techniques as those for manufacturing deck houses, they are much bigger in size than deck houses. As a result, living quarters are more profitable than deck houses. 

By drawing on our skilled technologies in manufacturing deck houses, we successfully penetrated the market for living quarters in 2014. Going forward, we aim to secure a future revenue source in this sector in anticipation of growing demand for offshore businesses, such as offshore resources development and offshore energy businesses.


Business Highlights

First Product Delivery Product Capability Supply Track Record Domestic Market Share(as of 2013)
2014년 3,600 ton (2 unit/year) 1,570 ton (1 unit) -

Note) Market share was calculated based on the number of units built by ship type (2014 Shipbuilding Yearbook, Korea Offshore & Shipbuilding Association)


Production Performance

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
- - - - 1 unit -