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• As key components are of transistors and ICs, the power consumption is remarkably reduced and the system is by far small in size and weight. 
• Unless the load becomes excessive, no speaker matching is required by adopting the regulated voltage system for output circuit.
• The system incorporates the AC/DC automatic switching circuit. Therefore the system can continue the operation even when AC power failure occurs.
• The system is designed to cope with varied specification of controlling circuit etc. 



▶ Source of Power : AC 220V, 1•, 50/60 Hz & DC 24V 

▶ Audio frequency Amplifier Output : 100W~800W
• Frequency characteristics : 300~8000Hz within ±6dB
• Distortion : less than 5% (with rated output)
• S/N ratio : more than 50dB 

▶ Built in Equipment
• Receiving system : Super-heterodyne system
• Receiving frequency : AM 530 ~ 1605 KHz : FM 88 ~ 108 MHz
• Receiving sensitivity : AM less than 15㎶, FM less than 10㎶
• mage ratio : more than 15㎶
• Selectivity : less than 5 KHz for -6dB : less than 16 KHz for -40dB
• Intermediate frequency : 455 KHz 

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