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VSAT Communication System
Product Description

VSAT Communication System

The Best Solution for Broadband VSAT (V61//85/100/120/240/300, V-series) at sea satellite antenna: Full 3-axis gyro stabilised tracking system that keeps the antenna pointing at the satellite, even in rough seas or when manoeuvring the ship at high speed provides high quality, consistent, always-on broadband data connections.
The Super Track V-series is the perfect solution for owners of leisure craft, small commercial vessels as well as large and military vessels worldwide, who require the same Internet experience at sea that they use at home and at office.
The V-series antenna will bring lightning-fast broadband connections and simultaneous, reliable telephone service to the vessel at an affordable rate.
Best of all, the system's compact design is easy to install and looks great on any vessel.
Enjoy always-on high speed internet, e-mail, multiple lines of VoIP Phone and more with this system.


Applications with V-Series VSAT System: E-mail service with internet environment, Video conference with VoIP telephone lines, and Mobile Wi-Fi phone, wireless Internet with Smartphones and a variety of IP user applications.