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RF Feeder System - Leaky Cables
Product Description

Generally, leaky coaxial cables are used for underground applications or tunnels. The external conductor is processed to create a signal leakage slot so the cable functions as the antenna.
RFCX Series(Coupled Mode) leaky cables are based on the principle that electromagnetic waves cause the signals to leak around the cable. Artificial process is applied to the outer conductor of the coaxial cable.
RFCL Series(Radiated Mode) leaky cables realize a specific form of slot and periodic structure on the outer conductor, applying electromagnetic wave radiation vertical to the cable axis.


Types and purposes

• Types
  - RFCX Series: (RFCX-FR 12D, 22D, 33D, 42D), (RFACX-FR 12D, 22D)
  - RFCL Series: (RFCL-FR 22D, 33D, 42D)

• Purposes
- Suitable for wireless communication in narrow or long, curvy surroundings, such as in buildings, tunnels, subways, high-speed trains, etc. FM, DMB, LTE-R, mobile communication services



• RFCX Series
- Application as broadband is feasible
  - Advanced mechanical strength and radius curvature (compared to RFCL)
• RFCL Series
  - Slot design optimized to specific frequency is feasible (advanced damping, combined loss properties)
  - Excellent receiving distance via Radiated Mode (compared to RFCX)
  - Support of SS (Self Support) Type: Easy routing and reduced routing cost


Main functions

• Low loss through high-foam insulation
• Design of damping and combined loss properties according to frequency is feasible
• 90° or 180° slots according to installation location (tunnel wall, central pillar)

Product List
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