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Optical Connection Materials
Product Description

Optical connection materials are the main material for the installation, connection and distribution of optical cables. LS Cable & System cable connection materials are easy to use, and save time and effort to build optical cable networks.


Types and purposes

• Closure
  - Used for optical cable connection, distribution, etc.
  - Selection among in-line/dome types according to environment

• Rack & ODF
  - Efficient management of optical cable connection and distribution in the communication room, etc.
  - Selection of size, adapter type, quantity according to purpose

• Termination Box
  - Installed on indoor/outdoor electric poles or walls for optical cable distribution or connection
  - Selection of size, adapter type, quantity according to purpose

• Patch Cord
  - Connection of optical distribution box-optical cables, optical distribution box-optical transmitter
  - Applicable to various types of connectors

• Splitter
  - Manual element for distributing one optical signal to many paths
  - Meets GR-1209-CORE, GR-1221-CORE standards
  - Various distributions including 1:2, 1:4, 1:8, 1:16, 1:32, 1:64, 1:128, etc.



• Provides a wide range of products that can be installed regardless of environment
• Easy installation, simple composition
• Customized products according to customer needs


Main functions

• Meets international standards
• Provides products customized according to installation environment

Product List
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