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Pneumatic Routing Optical Cables
Product Description

An optical cable and fiber unit product category for routing into micro-ducts through pneumatic routing technology.
It is an optimized solution for building an FTTH network that enables easy construction, maintenance, and maximized efficiency for saturated ducts through the application of pneumatic routing technology.


Types and purposes

• Micro ABC
- Cable routing into micro-ducts with pneumatic routing technology
  - A wide range of optical cables can be applied according to the minor diameter of the micro-duct. 200um fiber can be applied for multiple core optical fibers
 • ABF
2~12 core optical fiber units which can be routed into micro-ducts. The external diameter is between 1.2mm and 1.6mm. These are classified into optical fiber units with beads (EPFU) and optical fiber units with enclosures (EPSU).



• Easy construction and maintenance due to pneumatic routing technology
• Optimized solution for FTTH construction
• Reduction of construction costs due to non-sealing distribution and connection
• Maximized efficiency for saturated ducts
• Routing for multiple core products and long-distance routing is feasible


Main functions

• Optimized structure for long-distance pneumatic routing within the micro-duct
• Maximized efficiency for multiple core routing within micro-ducts in urban areas
• Small size, lightweight, rigid structure
• Similar structure to general optical cables enabling the use of general tools in case of termination

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