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High-voltage Harness for Automobiles
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Product Description

The harness is like the nerves and blood vessels of a human body. It supplies power and electric control signals throughout the vehicle through connectors, cables and other distributors. We develop and supply battery packs for eco-friendly electrically powered vehicle systems, and the harness and charging system for main power systems of inverters and motors. LS Cable & System provides optimized, customized connectivity products for vehicle performance enhancement through the development of insulators, electromagnetic wave shielding, assembly and system development.


Types and purposes

• High-voltage connectors
  - Usage in xEV environment is feasible (-40℃~125℃)
  - Applied to power connection in xEV driving and sub-devices
  - Usage for high-voltage motors, inverters, OBC, PTC, A/Comp
• High-voltage cables
  - Cables for xEV power transmission
  - Heat resistant levels: 125℃, 150℃, 200℃
  - Highly flexible cable for layout performance enhancement



• High-voltage connectors
  - Electromagnetic wave shielding for high-voltage applications
  - High reliability contact technology (Low contact resistance, response to high temperature/high vibration/high current)
  - High-voltage safety devices (IP2xB, HVIL, CPA, dual lock structure)

• High-voltage cables
  - High credibility products that can be used in high-voltage/high-current environments
  - Superior electromagnetic wave shielding
  - Eco-friendly materials eliminating the use of PBDE, PBBs, Pb, Cr+6, Cd, Hg

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