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Underwater Hybrid Cable & System
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Product Description

These are customized solutions for customers’ needs, using cable assemblies for power supply, control and communication of underwater systems, and winches for control. Such systems can be designed as heavyweight or neutral buoyancy according to the application. High function sheathing wire can also be provided, including tethering and towing functions. A wide range of cables can be developed into an optimized design with composite cables and electric communication cables according to customer needs. Systems in place have been recognized for reliability through self-testing and standard-testing equipment. Furthermore, special connectors for cable assembly, and supplementary equipment for cable operation, can be provided as a total solution in partnership with specialized companies at home and abroad.


Types and purposes

• Underwater tether cables
  - The underwater tether cables can be applied to various applications as they are light and have neutral or positive buoyancy in the underwater environment.
  - Lightweight neutral buoyancy tether cables reduce handling in portable systems. They are normally used for ROVs.
  - Positive buoyancy tether cables are used for various submarine antenna systems and towing systems.

• Underwater Armored Tow Cables
  - From low-tension break strength to high-tension applications up to hundreds of kN, a wide variety of factors must be considered such as metal structure, composition, weight, flexion diameter and durability.
  - Can be used for side scan sonars, towed array sonars, aerostats and mine sweeping systems. There are electrical, fiber optic, steel and fabric tension members in the structure.

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