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Broadcasting/Sound system cables
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Product Description

Broadcasting / sound system cables are used for transmitting audio, video and signals. They are used for various public purposes such as broadcasting stations, theaters, churches and stadiums as well as personal needs. Thanks to the increase in comprehensive channels and popularity of outdoor concerts, demand has been steadily increasing. LS Cable & System aims at focusing on customers’ opinions to create a better future based on its 50 years of knowledge in the field of cable production.


Types and purposes

1) Microphone Cable (M-Series)
Applies shield against noise for sound transmission through the microphone. Uses braided shield, aluminum tape, etc. for the shield structure. You can select the amount of shielding according to the use environment (shielded pipe, buried cable, etc.)

2) Speaker Cable (SP-Series)
Connects the power amplifier and speaker. This cable can control speaker movement through damping factor. The damping factor is the speaker impedance divided by the power amplifier output impedance. The higher the value, the higher the controlling power of the amplifier. Another factor influencing the damping factor is the speaker cable’s conductor resistance. The lower the value, the higher the conductor resistance.

3) Audio cable (A-Series)
These transmit analog and digital audio signals. They are pair type with aluminum tape applied. Used for wiring studio equipment and device racks from channels 2 to 32.

4) Video cable (HD-Series)
Cables for video transmission. The loss rate differs according to insulator type. There is a general foaming type and a high-foaming type. High foaming types are low loss and therefore suitable for high frequency transmission. Products are divided according to transmitted bandwidth.

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