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Product Description

These provide various solutions for renewable energy, which is receiving attention as the next generation growth engine. We are producing customized products in the renewable energy cable field, such as the control cables on the towers of wind power generation systems, and cables for the power generator modules of solar panels. We are leading the development of renewable energy to prepare for the exhaustion of fossil energy.


Types and purposes

• Solar-light ribbon wire / Round multi-wire
Cell binding wire for series connection of solar batteries within solar panel modules. We produce both busbar and busless types. Our products minimize faults according to cell cracks.

• Solar-panel communication cable
This is a control system cabling product applied to the power station of a solar panel generator system. These cables can be supplied in harnesses so that long-term reliability can be maintained in severe external environments.

• Wind power generator control cable
Wind power generator control cables are applied to wind power turbines and towers. They require high reliability and must also be resistant to high torsional stresses and extreme temperatures, be anti-EMI, and possess excellent flame retardant properties. Based on technology built through the localization and benchmarking of foreign advanced products, we provide total solutions for power, control and signaling of wind power cables. We also have the capabilities to produce customized products reflecting customer needs.

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