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Product Description

JIS C 3410 cables are mostly used for transportation vessels (container ships, bulk ships, car carrying ships, LNG ships etc.) The requirements for cables are increasing to prepare for fire hazards while transporting cargo or crude oil in the isolated areas at sea. Low toxicity, flame retardant, low-fire properties are required, and recently, due the opening of new sea-lanes in polar regions, high cold resistance is also being required.


Types and purposes

• JIS C 3410(2010) Types and application Std.
  - Type: DPYCY, TPYCY, MPYCY, TTYCY, etc.
  - Reference Std.
    JIS C 3410(2010)
    IEC 60092-350, 353, 354, 376, 360
    IEC 60332-3-22 Cat. A
    IEC 60331-1, 2    
• Vessels for application
  - Container ships, bulk ships, car-carrying ships (Ro-Ro), LNG ships, LPG ships, etc.



This product is widely applied in East Asian markets such as Korea and Japan.
• Can be used for applications requiring resistance to - 40 degrees if needed
• Holds 6 classification certificates including DNV


Main features

• Product composition applicable to power/control/instrument systems
• Exterior is composed of PVC or wire braiding; is shock resistant in the case of routing
• Temperature rating 90℃

Product List
Industrial Cable