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HCC (High Capacity Conductor)
Product Description

HCC, or High Capacity Conductors are new high-capacity, high-efficiency cables, when greater power supply is required compared to ACSR. Such cables provide a solution for increased power demand and high-capacity power transmission by using new materials and technology. HCC provides the optimum solution for various environments including urban, salty regions and long-span transmission sections.


Types and functions

  - Transmission lines for urban, salinated, humid areas, etc.
  - Current capacity: 1.5 times larger than ACSR

  - Transmission lines for salinated areas, steel sections, long-span transmission sections
  - Current capacity: 1.5 times larger than ACSR

  - Transmission lines for steel sections, long-span transmission sections, etc.
  - Current capacity: 1.5 times larger than ACSR

  - High-Temperature Low-Sag Conductor (HTLSC)
  - Current capacity: Two times larger than ACSR

  - High-Temperature Low-Sag Conductor (HTLSC)
  - Current capacity: 2.1 times larger than ACSR
  - High Temperature Low Sag Conductor (HTLSC)
  - Current capacity: Two times larger than ACSR



High temperature conductors consist of central tension cables such as extra-high-strength steel, aluminum-clad steel and aluminum-clad invar. Such conductors consist of a heat resistant aluminum conductor layer with a maximum continuous temperature of 150°C~230°C enabling the transmission of 1.5~2 times larger current compared to ACSR. Thus, installation time and costs can be dramatically reduced by replacing the ACSR with high temperature conductors that increase current capacity instead of expanding new cables. Doing so provides various solutions for urban and salinated areas and long-span transmission sections. STACIR, XTACIR, GSTACSR cables are also known as high-temperature low-sag conductors(HTLSC) and enable high temperature and low sag for cables with limited sag without reinforcing steel towers.


Main functions

• Increases capacity of power cables
• Secures ground clearance through low sag(HTLSC)

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