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R-TAS® (Real-Time Ampacity System)
Product Description

R-TASⓡ, or Real-Time Ampacity System collects real-time data on temperature and load of the power cables. It calculates the effect of surrounding medium and converts it into transmissible energy. Real-time/quantitative data is provided on short-term/long-term current load to the power system operator.
R-TASⓡ provides measurable, controllable state variables for the cable system (conductor temperature, allowable current, routing environment variables, etc.) to enhance the efficiency of the transmission system, and automatic real-time auditing to prevent accidents and distinguish the stability of the cables.


System structure and functions

• Distributed Temperature Sensor (DTS)
Uses optical cables as sensors to measure the distributed temperature along the cable routing path(Temperature measurement according to distance starting at the measurement point is feasible)

• Conductor Temperature Monitoring (CTM)
Analyzes conductor temperature changes within the cable by interpreting the temperature change as measured by the Distributed Temperature Sensor and the cable heat constants according to the real-time current load. By tracking the conductor temperature change within the cable, the system can calculate the actual conductor temperature in real-time.

• Dynamic Current Rating (DCR)
Calculates the thermal limiting factors of the energy cable through monitoring of real-time conditions including conductor temperature, current and thermal conditions surrounding the cable. Using this information, the allowable current load can be evaluated in real-time.


Main functions

• Real-time monitoring of distributed temperature
• Real-time monitoring of conductor temperature
• Verification of Hot Spot location
• Calculation of allowable kinetic current
• Tracking of thermal degradation history
• Alarm for fire and local heating

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