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Partial Discharge Monitoring System
Product Description

The partial discharge monitoring system aims at preventing electrical accidents through identifying insulator faults in advance. The partial discharge monitoring system consists of the detection sensor that detects partial discharge signals due to insulator faults, the analyzer for analyzing the signals, and display for displaying the analyzed data.
The partial discharge monitoring system consists of a mobile monitoring system for regular/inspection audits, and a fixed/regular online monitoring system for real-time monitoring.


Types and purposes

• Mobile partial discharge monitoring system
  - Easy to carry. Measurement points altered to enable regular inspection audits
  - Quick monitoring enabled using regular automatic measurement with a timer

• Online partial discharge monitoring system
  - Fixed/regularly installed at various measurement points for real-time monitoring, auditing and tracking of partial discharge signals
  - Remote control from central system


Characteristics and functions (Mobile and Online systems)

• Analyzes frequency and time domain
  - Analysis of frequency as well as time domain is feasible
• Frequency analysis
  - Optimum frequency is selected through tuning technology
  - Partial discharge signals are compared according to frequency
• Time domain analysis
  - Pulse wave forms of partial discharge signals are obtained and features analyzed
  - Location of partial discharge signals are estimated
• Noise gating
  -  Noise is removed using external antennas


Characteristics and functions (Online system)

• Optical communications network
  - Various measurement points are remotely monitored simultaneously using optical communication

• Automatic alarm   
  - Automatic alarm for partial discharge using signal pattern recognition technology

• Trend and history tracking
  - Trends and history of partial discharges are managed according to time

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