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Product Description

With its experience on ship engine parts, KSV knows and understands the functionality of engine valve spindle and seatring. Basically, we can produce about 600 types of products continuously which can stably and continuously produce and supply products to customers. 
 Based on its own differentiated experience and technologies, we manage the best quality products as follows. 

1. It carries out microstructure and physical properties test of raw materials for endurance. 
2. With the establishment of internal inspection and TQCS (TOTAL QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM) by each part, it carries out thorough processes. 
3. In accordance with the type and depth of welding materials for SEAT FACE, it keeps impact resistance strength. 
4. It carries out nondestructive inspection of welding part and forging stress concentrated spot. 
5. It conducts various surface treatments (plasma Nitriding, Hard Cr-Coating) for functionality improvement.  
6. Through product marking, it can retrieve production history of all the products.