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Keumha Naval Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 in the management principle of “The company that puts the customers and employees first in trust and confidence”. We have led the localization & commercialization of the defense industry equipment by promoting the consistent research & development for localization and the continuous cooperation & development for overseas technology for the defense industry equipment of Navy ships (submarine, surface ship) and Coast Guard ships in the meantime. We have been promoting the aggressive technology development to expand into the fields of maritime leisure, offshore plant industry and environment & renewable energy with our R&D Center as the center for prior occupation of technology in the field of the futurity business based on these localized technology.

We have trained top-level human resources constantly to improve the professionalism and personality of employees over adopting the commission education of professional organization and graduate school as compulsory courses. We are performing the controls of technology, process, quality and following-up on sales thoroughly all the way to keep development will, quality level and trustable delivery constantly. And also, our company are developing the markets all over the world through the established overseas network.

In the future, our whole staff will devote ourselves much more sincerely and contribute to the society and national interest with technology competitive power independently in the field of Blue Ocean. In addition, we will do our best to operate the company under the conception that any business will promote itself.