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The main goals of Human Industry are high velocity marine vessel and non-steel Structure fabrication by veteran mangers who have several years experiance in Ship bulduing field for special purpose marine vessels and defend industry.

Our company is established on Sep 2000 by name of SEOKWON INC and its name was change to Human Heavy Industry with several expert directors who have started ship yard experience since 1970~1980 as veteran of ship and marine vessel fabrication all over the country.

Our directors are well educated by several famous ship yards such as KOONCHANG NAVY, CHOSAN GONGSA, KOREA TAKOMA, HANJIN HEAVY INDUSTRY etc and they are especially experienced in high speed vessels and AL ship fabrication (PSMM, PSK, PKM, PCC, FFK, LSF, KDX, PKG, PC etc)

Our technicians are veterans who have several participation experience in fabrication of several kind of Aluminum ships, Coast Guard ships, naval vessels etc.

Furthermore, our engineers are confident and have plenty of technical abilities on the essential elements of sheet metal welding technology and special Aluminum shipbuilding to fabricate hull superstructure as well as various topside structures such as Aluminum MAST constructions, FUNNEL, Fittings and Piping and etc.

In addition, Except Major shipyards with special purpose division of high velocity vessels, it is hard to find identical company with Human Heavy Industry that has such plenty of know-how and expert technicians in shipbuilding industry.

Human Heavy Industry has widen its production field to offshore industry and AL yachts and Korean type submarine beside high velocity marine vessels. Especially in case of Korean submarine, Human Heavy Industry has been producing several submarine fittings and equipment etc.

Human Heavy Industry has also developed several equipment of submarine such as ABS DOOR which were completely relied on import and overseas production.

Human Heavy Industry is managing with continuous development and quality control to improve the product quality and to achieve customer satisfaction for better future.