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Human Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. was established with the aim of manufacturing and producing special aluminum ships (high-speed boats, administrative ships, etc.), yachts and fishing boats, and non-ferrous structures.

Our company started in September 2000 as Seokwon Industries, a specialized aluminum manufacturing company, and was renamed in March 2008. After renaming, we won the supply contract with the Navy (defense industry) in December 2008 (Korea No. 1) and the Korea Coast Guard in January 2009 (Korea No. 1). Beginning with the production of blocks, we are currently building and supplying finished aluminum ships.In addition, we entered the eco-friendly market and manufactured and delivered high manganese steel (Hi-Mn) LNG fuel tanks, and are currently actively investing in the construction of hydrogen-fueled ships and hybrid ships. In May 2014, the Corporate Research Institute was recognized by the government, and our company is actively participating in various government projects, and is currently participating in the unmanned ship project as well.

Many of our executives and employees are proud to be veteran engineers who entered the shipbuilding industry (Naval Arsenal, Korea Shipbuilding & Engineering Corporation, Korea TACOMA, Hanjin Heavy Industries, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, etc.) from the early days of the Korean shipbuilding industry in the 1970s and 1980s. Many of these engineers are experienced in building high-speed boats(PSMM, PSK, PKM, PCC, FFK, LSF, KDK, PKG, PC etc.), which are special ships, and aluminum ships for naval vessels and coast guard boats, which can be said to be the forerunners of aluminum ships.

What we can be more proud of is that we have a lot of technology related to sheet welding technology and aluminum ship building, which are essential for building high-speed boats, and we have a lot of experience in building finished aluminum ships by producing not only the hull block, but also the mast, funnel, and various equipment, and performing piping and electrical work perfectly.

In addition, we have advanced into the offshore plant business and Korean submarine business. In particular, in the Korean submarine business, we are concentrating on the localization and development of facilities and equipment (ABS door, fore and aft rudder, welding of dissimilar metals including through holes, etc.) which depended only on imports.

In the future, we will do our best to show the image of a sincere and diligent company that puts customer trust and satisfaction first through active investment, continuous technology development, and quality improvement.