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Tube Expanding Machine
Product Description

The facility for tube-expanding after Ø25.4 ~ Ø50 pipe TUBING. TUBE EXPANDING MACHINE has been developed to minimize the tube-expanding omissions and defects during operation, the equipment fitted to the automation system to meet the 100% tybe-expanding.

HEUNGJIN T&D Tube Expanding Machine


Patent – Attachment Type development

HEUNGJIN T&D Tube Expanding Machine  1

Attachmanet Type

BOX type structure rain, wind, heat, etc. are protected from. The structure of a tube-expanding DRIVER SERVO MOTOR TYPE simple and can improve the working efficiency. Depending on the work when attached to the horizontal movement RAIL SETTING can be easy to install and to maximize comfort and performance.



HEUNGJIN T&D Tube Expanding Machine  2