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Block Loader
Block Loader
Product Description


The shipbuilding process of vessels that travel the five seas and the six continents starts with the "ASSEMBLY" step where the basic units of construction "BLOCKS" are assembled together fitting the shape of the ship’s body, than goes on to "PRE-ERECTION," and finally moves on to the "ERECTION" stage. When in the "PRE-ERECTION" stage, a precise LEVEL and ANGLE of BLOCKs must be kept in order to achieve a prompt operation and prevent malfunction.

The loading of large BLOCKs that have been through P.E process is done with LLC, G/CRANE, and MARITIME CRANEs on the DOCK. this process also requires precise maintenance of LEVEL and ANGLEs. The equipment necessary for maintaining exact LEVEL and ANGLE in the assembling process is the BLOCK LOADER. BLOCK LOADERs, which our company has created, is attached on the CRANE’s HOOK to adjust the BLOCK’s LEVEL and ANGLE idealistically so it is efficiently used in Shipbuilding companies when doing processes such as PE and ERECTION.


BLOCK LOADERs that our company is producing is 
divided into largely two groups, inland usage and maritime usage. 

In types of forms, BLOCK LOADERs are classified in to ① SINGLE LINE TYPE, ② DOUBLE LINE TYPE, ③ MULTI TYPE, and ④ TRIANGLE TYPE, 4 types in total but there is also the ⑤ (OTHER) SNATCH TYPE

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