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We, Korea Shippping Assoication, were established on 21th of September 1949 with the purpose of improving the socioeconomic status of Korean Coastal shipping companies and furthermore advancing the balanced development of national economy. For the last half century, we have developed ourselves as an hornoable organization who ivariably aims to duly accomplish our duty for the devleopment of Korean coastal shipping sector.

Korea Shipping Association suggest a variety of the constructive strategies together with providing up-to-date information in order to strengthen the competitiveness of coastal shipping sector, create the favourable business environment for the self-development of our 2,000 members and protect their interests. Also, we are doing our utmost for relief of the burden on our members through offering the business management tools, such as group purchasing, a diversity of insurance products against unexpected loss and/or damage arising from any accident or undesirable event.

As you may be aware, our 70 proud members engaging in passenger shipping business are now operating their vessels bound for more than 270 inhabited islands across South Korea, which have been significantly contributed to the development of marine tourism as well as the convenience of traffic for the those who are living in the islands. Besides, other members specialising in carriage of goods by sea have made a great contribution towards the industrial development of South Korea by way of transporting cargo in the range of the living necessities for the those who are living in the islands to the raw materials in bulk for key industries.

Our website aims to swiftly provide you with up-to-date information in relation to marine tourism as well as coastal shipping and we will make an effort to constantly improve the quality of our services.

We wish our website to be continuously loved and are expecting your continuing interests and participations.

Once again we are appreciative of your visit to our website and sincerely wish you much happiness and success in your life together on behalf of all members of Korea Shipping Association.

July 3, 1962
379, Gonghang-daero, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Korea
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