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Since its foundation in 1998, Dongjae Industrial Co., Ltd has been making efforts to become a global company with high technology based on creative thinking and challenging spirit. In the era of limitless competition, I thought the only way to survive is a continuous development of unrivaled R&D and technology. A company responding quickly and appropriately to the environment, and having the capability to anticipate and prepare for the changes that will come in the future.

Continuous performance improvement and cost reduction based on multiple patents and accumulated know-how

Since 1998, Dongjae Industrial Co., Ltd. has maintained a primary partnership with Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (Related business - ship engines, industrial robots, shipbuilding & industrial pumps, industrial vehicles). In addition, Dongjae has supplied automobile molding equipment (bending machine, forming machine and forming roll) to our domestic and overseas affiliates. (Seongwoo Hi-tech, Wooyoung Industrial Co., Ltd., Se-won, Shinyoung Co., Ltd. / MINTH, LININGYUN, WUXIHUAGUANG). Based on various patents and accumulated know-how, we continue to improve performance, quality and cost reduction.

Aug. 1, 1998
47-15, Geomdandong-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea