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Electric Heater
Product Description

In order to maximize operation efficiency of main engine and other components (Aux. Engine, Purifier etc) of the ship, the Electric Heater is used to electrically heat various fluids such as lubricant oil and fuel oil. 
Electric heater is used to increase temperature of fluid up to required degree by heating, and it consists of heating section and control panel. 
Generally, the fuel oil, lubricant oil, jacket water and sea water are used with Electric Heater, and Shell body type and Tank mounting type are available. Within Tank mounting type, Side type is attached to side of tank while Top mounting type is attached to top of tank. 
The in-taken fluid is heated by the heating section of Electric Heater, and then heated fluid is discharged. For the control of this process, two different types of control systems are available, MC type and TPR type. 
MC type is an on-off step control type, and it can allocate capacity as much as needed. Meanwhile, TPR type is an electric current control type, and it automatically controls a temperature with 4~20ma of current.