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3S (Service Speed Smile)
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About Supplier

Our company, 3S was established as 3 top business motto as Service, Speed, Smile for our valuable customers.

Our company has long experience and excellent technical manpower, and has optimized production facilities, so it has been able to supply the best quality products to various fields such as shipbuilding equipments and marine and offshore plants.

Every year, we are growing rapidly with our customers' support in productivity and sales results. We have various domestic and international certificates and quality certificates to give better quality, and we are making efforts to develop products.

 In addition, we are constantly striving for customer complaints ZERO and defect rate ZERO, and finally we have become recognized as a reliable partner company of major shipbuilders now.

Recently 3S has developed a new eco-friendly product 'Diet tray'. This has a cost reduction, very light weight and non-weld type.

In addition, 3S is preparing to enter the IOT and ICT businesses by moving forward from the existing market.

We are developing the IoT technology to provide more convenient and efficient management solution by connecting IoT technology to the equipment of industrial field to provide safe working environment and to improve the health and welfare of the people.

We will be the best business partner to bring customer impression beyond customer satisfaction.

May 7, 2012
31-10, Guryong-ro, Uiryeong-eup, Uiryeong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea